JOSHUA 18 & 19.

We don’t know about you, but for us the journey through Joshua in the last few days has been a bit of a struggle!  A map is a help, especially as so many of the names of places mentioned are unknown to us.  However it is helpful to remember that the book of Joshua is probably a compilation of the accounts of the settlement of the Promised Land, from a number of sources; hence the repetition!.  Seven tribes who had crossed over the Jordan had been slow (or perhaps afraid) to take up God’s promise, so today we find Joshus urging them to get on with the job, claim God’s promise to them and settle.

Are we as slow as the Israelites to hold on to and to live out Jesus greater provision of salvation and of ‘life to the full’?

LUKE 24:13-35

As you read today’passage, did your ‘hearts burn within you’?  What an amazing event we have been drawn into!

2 people, possibly husband and wife, walking home from Jerusalem with their hopes dashed!  Hopes for the rescuing of the people of Israel, God’s chosen people (as He had done so often and so dramatically before), this time from Roman occupation.  These two knew Jesus as and hoped in Him, but now He was dead!

Then they meet the risen  Christ!                                                                                                        What does Jesus do?                                                                                                                       He listens to their troubles and then He opens the story of God’s ultimate plan of rescue for humanity by sharing the scriptures as they walked.  Following an invitation from the pair for Jesus to stay, He was recognised by them when He broke the bread during the evening meal.

For these people encountering Christ involved,                                                                         meeting Him and listening to Him open scripture.                                                                     being present when He broke the bread                                                                                   racing back the 7 miles to Jerusalem to share the good news of the resurrection.     

The way we encounter Christ may be different but will involve some of the elements of Jesus’ encounter with the two on the road home to Emmaus.

May God bless us with His presence as we journey with Him.          

Peter and Elizabeth