A Lesson In Commitment.

The readings set down for today are Joshua 24 and Acts 2:1-41. They are both terrific passages and capable of being a great blessing to us.

Joshua tells the people to listen to this message from the Lord (v.2). He then speaks to all the people and in essence makes a case for commitment. He reviews all that God has done and in one of the most famous of Old Testament affirmations of faith, Joshua expresses his own commitment: “As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord” (v.15).

Joshua could make this commitment for himself. He could not make it for others. What he could do was to encourage and make sure that each family in Israel realised that commitment was necessary.

We see recorded that the people recognised the validity of the case Joshua had made. The Lord had “brought us ….up out of slavery.” And God had driven out the enemy. “We too will serve the Lord,” the people said, “because He is our God.

Joshua has made a case for commitment. Are you challenged by that call to commitment?

In verses 19-27 Joshua makes clear the cost of that commitment. If we are going to make a commitment to the Lord, it must be a total commitment. There is no half way covenant with the Lord. No watered down version for the weaker person or the half hearted.

The people were with Joshua. When confronted with the cost of commitment they insisted that they would serve the Lord.

In verse 23 we see two ways that the people would show their commitment. First, they were to “Throw away the foreign gods that are among you.” This is as pertinent to us….we are to keep nothing in our lives that might compete with God for our loyalty.

Is there anything in your life competing with God?

Secondly, they were to “Yield (their) hearts to the Lord, the God of Israel.”

Are you really willing to surrender to the Lord everything we have and are?

Well, how do you go with all this? Not too good? That is where our other reading today comes into play….it is the recording of the giving of God’s Spirit (Acts 2)

Just as well we have Him living in our lives – helping us – leading us into all truth – making us aware of our sinfulness – pleading on our behalf to the Father.

We are called to commitment….there is a cost….but we are also equipped.

Have a great day,

Peter Clark.


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  1. Thank you, Peter! An in-your-face challenge to commitment and a comforting reminder that our God is Emmanuel.

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