The More I Seek You, the More I find You.

Today’s reading is taken from Song of Songs 3 & Acts 4:32 – 5:11.

In chapter 3 of Song of Songs the bride speaks of, or dreams about a time when her beloved was far from her. There was a separation between the two and she tirelessly, sacrificing comfort and sleep, sought after him. What spoke to me as I was reading this passage was the earnestness in her voice and a certain innocence in her motives. She says with resolve that she will search for the one [her] heart loves’ (v.2).

In Matthew chapter 7 at the Sermon on the Mount Jesus himself implores his listeners ‘seek’ and gives the confidence that if done within the will of the Father they will indeed ‘find’. Further down in the gospel of Matthew in 21:22 Jesus builds further on this point to say that “if you believe you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer”. Believing and praying both are spiritual acts that transform the posture of our hearts to being more like Christ’s. When we ask or seek by believing and in prayer we ask within the will of the Father, seeking His will and not ours, His glory and not our gain.

In the passage from Acts we are firstly given a picture of the spirit bathed early Christians who do not live for their advancement but the Church’s. We can see in 4:32-35 that they were earnestly and sincerely seeking the Lord, and there were results! Then we are given a picture of early Christians who lived for their own glory and gain. They were ‘Christians’ but only as long as it served their purposes. They were seeking their own advancement and not Christ’s.

As we read through these passages today, what are costs we are paying to seek Christ? Are there any? The Shulamite walked the desolate city streets in the middle of the night in search for the one she loved. She had a resolve – do we have a resolve to chase after the One we love, and who loves us enough to have laid down his life for us? Are we willing to give up a little bit of our comfortable lives to seek and to find him? Let us aim to be more like the Shulamite, more like Barnabus, more like Jesus and less like Ananias and Sapphira. Let’s resolve like the Shulamite to seek him, and find him.

Have a listen to this song by Kari Job.