Bear witness to God

Isaiah 6. Acts 12:1-24

My father wrote this devotion on Isaiah 6, some 12 years ago.

Today we read the testimony of one who belongs to a very special company of people; those to whom God has revealed himself in an extraordinary manner: Abraham, Moses, Isaiah,Jesus’ disciples, Paul and the Apostle John. In the year the king died Isaiah saw The King, high and lifted up, and holy. His presence and glory filled not just the temple, but also the whole creation.

The vision did four things for Isaiah. It gave him a sense of God that he never forgot.It convinced him  of his uncleanness, and the uncleanness of his people. It led him to an experience of cleansing. It prepared him for his commissioning  as God’s spokesman to a rebellious and hardhearted people. He was equipped to bear witness to God.

To have experienced God in this way prepared Isaiah for the thankless, difficult, and theologically bewildering role of warning about destruction and exile at the hands of pagan and evil powers that did not worship the Lord. It also enabled him to hold out the promise of a magnificent restoration beyond judgement, because he was speaking the words of the One who was Lord  over all.

The vast majority of us do not see God as Isaiah did, but we are meant to see the God whom Isaiah saw. We are to see him through his eyes, and through the eyes of all those whom God has chosen as the vehicles of his self-revelation.

For a brief moment in time these men of God saw eternal realities that are permanent and unchanging. We are called to live each day with, and by, these realities. We can, by God’s word and Spirit, make the substance of this vision our own. A deep personal sense of God as the Holy One, high and lifted up, will help us to ‘bear witness to God’.

Thanks Dad, for always bearing witness to God.