A time to OBSERVE and a time to SPEAK


The Isaiah readings for the last few days highlighted to us God’s abhorrance of evil, which seems to be surrounded in success, but ultimately God’s perfect way will overcome.  Today there is also the encouragement that God will fulfil His plan for the world.



Paul, in today’s reading, arrives in Athens, (that great city of learning and art) and while waiting for Silas and Timothy to join him –

OBSERVED and was DISTRESSED by what he saw of these ‘religious’ people and their gods.

REASONED in the synagogue about Jesus and His resurrection

Most of those who listened did not understand and some rubbished his claim .

However, those who wanted to know more took him to the hill (Areopogus) where the Chief Council met)  so he could explain this new teaching of a God of forgiveness and grace, whom they could know.

Many still wanted to know more and arranged a further meeting, while others dismissed this new teaching.

So, what is different today?

How encouraging it is for us who live in a society that worships its ownparticular idols, and loves, not so much to debate , but to strongly express personal views and make them known – through the media in particular.  Open air campaigning, even Billy Graham type Crusades do not seem to attract sympathetic crowds any more but we can share the wonderful news of salvation as Paul did –

Being distressed over our nation.                                                                                                        Talking about the good news of salvation wherever opportunities open up.                                           Listening to others                                                                                                                           Seeking ‘follow up’opportunities and being prepared to explain our faith and hope in Christ.

This is a  passage worth rereading and pulling out applications for ourselves.

Peter and Elizabeth