No More Moab

Today’s readings are Isaiah 15-16Acts 18:1-17

Isaiah is prophesizing against Moab, saying Ar and Kir (cities in Moab) is ruined and destroyed in one night.  The people are weeping in the streets with shaved heads and beards and wearing only sackcloths.  The waters of Nimrim are dried up, the grass is withered, the vegetation is gone, nothing green is left.

Lions fall upon the survivors and those fleeing.  Isaiah tells them to send lambs of peace to Judah and flee to Judah for shelter for a throne will be established, one from the house of David who will be just and righteous.  Moab’s pride, conceit, and insolence get in the way and they choose their own gods.  Therefore, the Lord pronounces judgment upon them saying in three years Moab will effectively be no more.

Isaiah delivers his message with compassion and with God’s heart for his people. It’s a great example of how as a believer you can speak with other non-believers and warn them gently and lovingly about the consequences of not having a relationship with God  But, ultimately, every individual must make the choice to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

God is offering Moab a chance at grace and salvation and they reject Him for it.  This is a great example of how even in the face of utter devastation people still do not embrace God and His grace. Perhaps we know people who have rejected God and His grace and need to continue to keep praying and witnessing to them. And perhaps we need to be vigilant in our own lives that pride, conceit and insolence do not get in the way of us receiving God’s grace.