Defeated By God’s Gospel.

The passages set down for today’s readings are: Isaiah Chapters 21,22 and Acts 19:23-41. I am looking at the Acts passage today. May God bless you as you read His Word.

There was great trouble underway – a riot in Ephesus and it was all “because of the Lord’s Way”. The Gospel of God was putting the silversmith (Demetrius) out of business – he made little idols which people were not buying.

Demetrius gathered together all his fellow idol makers to stir them up against Paul,(they were not being idol).

“The temple of the great goddess Artemis will be discredited” shouted Demetrius (v.27).

She deserved no more than that. Artemis was a multi breasted earth mother goddess of the East (not the Diana of Greek mythology) Her moral and spiritual qualities were reflected in the practice of magic that flourished in Ephesus.

In Ephesus the coming of the Gospel reversed the situation where these cults thrived. Books on magic were being burned and there was a serious threat to the worship at the temple of Artemis. People were turning to Jesus and worshipping Him.

It is encouraging to remember that it is the Gospel and only the Gospel that is able to discredit evil and reverse the trends we see in our society today.

The account goes on. A city official silenced the rioters and sent them home. His review of the situation is interesting – it gives us an insight into evangelism. The Christians did not speak against Artemis, but they spoke for Jesus.

We have a positive message in the Gospel to share AND a positive testimony to pass on to others…… all we have to do is share it.

Have a great day,

Peter Clark.