Some Reflections on Paul before Felix

Today we read about Paul being dragged before a court to defend himself regarding blatantly false charges. 

Read Acts 24

Here’s some things that came to mind/struck me as I read this:

  • The injustice of the accusations against Paul
  • How unfair it was that Paul was left under house arrest for 2 years simply as a favour to the religious leaders
  • How calm, and reasonable, Paul was e.g. ‘you can easily verify that no more than twelve days ago I went up to Jerusalem to worship’
  • How God used this situation as a means of Paul proclaiming the Gospel to the leaders of society

Here are some questions I had after reading it:

  • If I were in Paul’s situation would my conscience be ‘clear before God and man’?
  • When things are unfair, do I respond as reasonably as Paul does?
  • Jesus promised to give his disciples the words to say in these situation (Luke 21:15). Similarly, Paul had been told on several occasions that these types of situations would happen to him e.g. Acts 20:23. I wonder what role these promises played in helping him to remain calm in this situation?
  • In times like these, do I rely on God’s promises?

Peter Lenehan