Overcoming Jezebel.

The readings today are Isaiah Chapters 48-49 and Revelation 2:18-29. I will leave you to read and comment on the Isaiah Chapters. I will focus on the Revelation passage – one of the letters to the Seven Churches.

The letter is addressed to the church at Thyatira. This city was a commercial centre when John wrote. What do you think of Christ’s description of Himself? – the burning eyes and the feet of burnished bronze, it really creates a setting of aura for this letter.

Though the church was active and faithful in many respects, it had accepted the leadership of a woman characterised as “Jezebel”. Do you remember the first “Jezebel”? She introduced idolatry and gross immorality into ancient Israel. We must assume the name signified that the Thyatiran woman did the same.

Thus what was known as “the church” was divided into faithful and corrupted parts.

The faithful and the corrupt (or the apostate and the genuine) still exist within Christendom. How do you cope with that?

The continued existence of the apostate (corrupt) reflects the existence of our God of grace (as does God’s patience with us). God has “given her time to repent of her immorality”. But the time of grace is drawing to an end.

At a time of God’s choosing He will bring judgment on Jezebel and her followers.

The spirit of Jezebel still moves through churches, and settles wherever she can find a home. Do not expect that you will be a able to purge our church of her influence. Have you met any who try?

Jesus says to the genuine of us – to those of us who do not accept her teaching, “Hold on to what you have until I come.”

We who hold fast to Christ and His authentic Gospel are to concentrate on good deeds, love, faith, service and perseverance (v.19).

In doing Christ’s will, we will find the spiritual authority we need to overcome (vs. 26-29)

Remember to be a good finisher.

Have a great day,

Peter Clark.