Easter Sunday

It is early as I write this. All is quiet. It is about 4.30am. Very soon, I will head off and go and speak at our Sunrise service at 6am, then head back to Church for our two morning services. Our Sunrise service is held down at North Wollongong Beach. As I look outside, it looks like it is going to be a great day.

My mind stops and ponders…What day is it I ask myself?

It is Sunday the 1st April…but not just any Sunday.

It is Sunday the 1st April…yes, I think I just wrote that, but it is also my son James birthday. He is 33 years old today. I am reminded that this is the age of Jesus in his last year.

It is Sunday, oh and it is the 1st April…April Fools Day they call it. No doubt there will be many practical jokes played on people today.

But yes it is Sunday, the 1st of April. It is Easter Sunday. This is the day that millions will stop and echo the words He Is  Risen. This is the day that makes senses of Good Friday. This is the day, that our salvation was secured. This is the day that changed everything.

While I too will join others in saying He is Risen and the response will be He is Risen indeed. I notice in John 20:26-29, when Thomas saw the risen Christ this was not his response. Instead, he said, “My Lord and My God”.

So today, go well, enjoy your Easter weekend, but remember just one thing. He or she is no fool who believes in the risen Christ.

Yes…he is risen and yes the world has never been the same since.

Pastor Barney.