The Generosity of God

Today’s readings are Jeremiah 10 and John 2:1-12 and I encourage you to read both of these before we begin; however, I will be focussing on the passage in John.

This story for many of us will probably feel quite familiar. It’s a pretty typical Christian trivia fact that turning water into wine was the first of Jesus’ miracles.

However, upon reading this story again I see something I hadn’t quite noticed before. Jesus didn’t actually want to perform this miracle. He says, “Woman, why do you involve me? … My hour has not yet come.” (v. 4). You see for Jesus at this stage in his ministry it was not the time for the people to truly understand who he was. Jesus’ ‘hour’ was the time when he would be identified as the Messiah and glorified (John 12:23); hence put to death. It was not his time, there was still things for him to do before he was revealed.

However, Jesus is kind, and he is generous. Despite his reservations he still graciously decided to act. Not only did he act, but he produced the best wine. You see in those days, for someone to run out of wine at a wedding was disgraceful. It would have brought shame upon the bridegroom. But Jesus spared them that humiliation by providing them with (a lot) of choice wine.

The other thing to note here is that this was not a huge public display. When the master of the banquet drank the wine it says, “He did not realise where it had come from, though the servants who drew the water knew.” (v. 9). This miracle was not for the glorification of Jesus or to be a sign of his great power (even though it was). Jesus acted out of compassion, on the request of his mother, to bless the bride and bridegroom. And I think that is amazing. It wasn’t for himself, Jesus did it out of his own great generosity even though it was a potential inconvenience to his own plan.

Isn’t that our God? He is so generous and he cares about our everyday lives. The things that, in the grand scheme of things, won’t matter for long, but he still cares. I find that hugely encouraging, how invested God is in our everyday life and how much he wants to bless us.

I hope today you take the opportunity to thank God for his incredible generosity, and remember to bring him everything in your life, even the seemingly small things.


P.S. If you have some extra time, take the opportunity to look through the other places in John where the ‘hour’/ the ‘time’ is spoken about (John 4:21-23; 5:25, 28-29; 7:6-8, 30; 8:20; 12:23, 27; 13:1; 16:2, 25, 32; 17:1).