Only two ways to live; for or against

Today’s (Mo 07/05/2018) FDR passages are Jeremiah 19 and Romans 1:16-32

Jeremiah’s personal task for God was to deliver God’s hard message of Judgement to Israel for their disregard of Him as the only true and living God.  Jeremiah was charged with making clear prophecies in front of the leaders of the Israel nation to clearly espouse God’s condemnation of their regard of God’s teaching and requirements for life as God’s Chosen People.

Paul, in writing Romans, makes stark the distinction between these same two paths we can chose to walk through out our lives.  Briefly and very pointedly in verses 16 and 17 in this passage Paul describes the one way to live.  It is “. . . salvation to live by faith” in God.

He continues to describe the alternate path leading to God’s condemnation and judgement.  For those who chose to ignore Him (through ungodliness) he describes the path chosen in v18 and the result that “. . . they are without excuse” (v20c), and He “gave them up . . . to the degrading of their bodies among themselves.” (v24).  So walking this path of disregard and unbelief leads to separation from God.

Perhaps best encapsulated in these words; “And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind and to things that should not be done” (v28).

These are warnings for us too.  As followers of God, we need to acknowledge the severe penalty for living as if we do not know God.  That is, for God to give us up to our own debased actions and thoughts and to becoming trapped in the mire and death of godless thought and action.

In our faith before God, we acknowledge God and trust in Him for our lives before Him eternally.  We also have a requirement from God to speak and act, like Jeremiah and Jesus, to those who will listen, of the dangers and judgement waiting for those who disregard God and ignore Him.

Yet, because we share relationships with fellow travellers, who remain non-believers, most of us are charged with describing the consequences in a way that permits conversation and builds relationships so as to convince them, through permitting them to see Jesus in our lives, and to come to faith in Him.  Others, yes some whom we know, are charged with the more public task of making known God’s requirements for all our lives, and pointing out the distinction using public opportunities.

Paul’s words make it plain, we will live on the basis of faithfulness in God.  As we have chosen this path, we must understand and make carefully plain our concern for others who choose to disregard Him.

As with Jeremiah and his public and prophetic charge these are not easy paths or words to utter, but need to be spoken by us when necessary and lived out in our lives.

A prayer: Lord God, you are creator and judge of all.  By your grace and Holy Spirit may we walk in your paths and be faithful to your teachings and commands for us, in all we do and say.  May we graciously speak and act out of Your love and forgiveness to those who don’t know you as we seek to demonstrate your forgiveness and faithfulness.  We make these requests through Your Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Amen. 

Yours in His service,