Wrath and mercy!

Today’s readings May 11: Jeremiah 23 and Romans 5: 1-11.

What a contrast!

Do you ever wonder why God gets angry, withdraws from His people and allows them to suffer? Shouldn’t the all-loving God put up with His people’s wilful disobedience, immorality and defiance? Shouldn’t He accept their leaders’ blatant false teaching and disregard of justice and care for the needy?

Our age would like that too wouldn’t we – knowing there is a perfect God but being able to suit ourselves, do exactly what pleases us but expecting God would be there to come to our rescue in a crisis!

We’ve been reading Jeremiah over the last few weeks – his urging, his railing against the people’s behaviour, their love of idolatry. Now, the leaders want him out of their way and the people want to continue as they are.

That however is not God’s way! He is righteous and requires a standard of living that reflects (even in small measure) all His qualities if we claim to belong to Him. His wrath is strong and real against those who falsely represent Him, but His mercy is great v3, which we see more clearly in the Romans passage. So read on!

Romans 5: 1-11

What could be a happier situation?

Abraham’s faith was counted to Him as righteousness and this declaration applies not just to him but to us! Our faith like Abraham’s is ‘counted’.


* are justified by faith

* are at peace with God through Jesus

* have access to God’s grace

* live in hope – even in suffering

and we have the gift of the Holy Spirit who floods our lives with God’s love.

Now justified and in relationship with God our Father surely we will want to return that great love by living in ways that honour Him. It is a daily, steady stepping forward in awareness of His presence.

To God be the glory.

Peter and Elizabeth.