It’s Better Together

Romans 7

Death brings separation. It separates soul from body, people from people and it is a constant reminder of the awful separation of mankind from God. Humans have long wanted to be immortal, to overcome the great leveller and limiter of death. The One who gave us life holds the keys to life and death and he desires life for us to the full (John 10:10). However death is still a feature of this fallen world and although the bible reframes death for Christ’s followers as falling asleep it is still to be expected in the life of a Christian.

In Romans 7 Paul explains another way the war between life and death is at work – within us. The life that God’s Spirit brings to our hearts is at odds with our unredeemed (hence sinful) habits, limitations, diseases and other incoherencies. God’s life brings unity. It unifies where there is division; it integrates the heavens and the earth bringing praise to Him from all creation. Unfortunately though we cannot enjoy that reality in its fullness while death, disunity and double-mindedness continue within us. How wretched we are. We cannot win a war that is within us any better than saving ourselves from drowning by pulling on our own hair. Who will win the battle? Only Jesus (Revelation 17:14). He has claimed victory when he rose from death to life. His life for yours. His life within you. His life will bring life to your need for unity and integration of heart, mind, soul and strength. That’s one reason why his yoke is easy and his burden is light. It’s a narrow path but the wide one leads to destruction. Do you come to Jesus often and drink of his living waters?


[Originally posted on 27/10/2015 by Matthew Broadbridge]