Trust God and His Word

Jeremiah 39

Trust God and His Word

For the three men particularly mentioned in this chapter the message is plain: trust God and his word.

The word that God spoke to Zedekiah through Jeremiah, a word he chose not to follow, came truly and bitterly to pass. He ignored the warnings and paid a terrible price.

Jeremiah was preserved for he staked his life on the truth of what God said.

Ebed-melech was rewarded for his trust in God

A simple lesson: Trust God and His Word

Romans 15:22-33

Man Proposes: God Disposes

Paul was passionate about his God given mission. He very much wished to visit Rome to assist in the strengthening of the lives of those for whom he prayed unceasingly (1:9-12) and for whom he felt a deep obligation.

He also wanted to visit the Jerusalem saints with the gifts he had collected from the Gentile Churches. He wished them to acknowledge the work of God in those who were once no people but who were now, in Christ, one people in God’s New Covenant people along with their Old Covenant brothers and sister who were now in Christ.

He sought the prayers of his friends in Rome for the fruition of his plans. Well, we know he did make it to Rome but not quite in the way he may have anticipated. as the Acts of the Apostles tells us. We do not know if he ever made it to Spain.

We properly make our plans and hold them before God in prayer but the outcome lies in God’s will not ours.

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