Equal but different

[Originally posted by lachlanedwards2013 on 28 November 2015]

1 Cor 11:2-16; (Amos 6)

Woah. Tough passage in today’s society.

The NIV unhelpfully titles this section in 1 Corinthians “On Covering the Head in Worship”. Head coverings are the cultural application of the theology of authority.

This passage is about being in authority and under authority and being dependent on each other.

The problem with authority in the bible is that people can too quickly jump to discrimination. To do so would miss the point.

I am a man under authority and in authority. In both cases my desire is to serve well. The reality of our position is that we need each other, no matter the authority structure (11:11). But the kicker is that “everything comes from God” (11:12b).

No matter who we are, it is God who has given us to be in authority or under authority. And it is God alone who has offered salvation through his Son Jesus for everyone without consideration of the authority position  held.

In God’s eyes we are equal in the thing that matters most – our sin and our salvation. But we are also different from each other in gifting, abilities, personality, looks and authority. And I say “Amen to that!”