The Day of the Lord’s Wrath

[Originally posted by episcopos1 on 10 December 2015]

Zephaniah 1

Nothing will save them on the day of the Lord’s wrath

This prophetic and poetic word was spoken in or around the time of good king Josiah of Judah (640-609 BC). It’s worth reading 2Kings 22 to get the picture.

Habakkuk, seeing the judgement coming, cried that God would, in His wrath remember mercy. This reading expresses the same judgement, his wrath on a people that refused to love and honour Him.

Called to be the light of the nations, God would use the nations almost to stamp out that light. They had turned light into darkness. They had sinned against the Lord living like the nations and not as the people of God.

It is a sad passage. There is in the next chapter a call to seek the Lord with the hope that some might be hidden on the day of God’s wrath. And in the final chapter a promise with hope. But the judgement duly came. The efforts of good King Josiah were not enough to turn the hearts of the people.

We who stand on this side of these times and this side of the life, death, resurrection and ascension of the Lord Jesus, know that God never gave up on his purpose even though these instruments failed. In his mercy a good King, mighty to save, has come and has set his people free.

We are called to honour that King and His Heavenly Father in a life of love and service.


Ephesians 1

God’s Eternal Plan

This piece of Paul’s correspondence, somewhat in the form of a general letter perhaps sent to more than one church, is a pearl of great price.

Gathered around verse 10 what comes before it and after it tells of the magnificent purpose of God as He goes about fulfilling his plan to sum up all things in Jesus. Here past, present, and future unite in the saving and sanctifying plan of God.

This is to be read, meditated on, believed, prayed with, and looked for. There is no better commentator here than Paul himself and the Spirit who prompted him, the Spirit prayed for in verse 17. Depend on both.

Use the passage for your own good and for God’s glory